Pep Band Schedule
Pep Band- Middle School: 
Middle School Band member may play in pep band when they have completed their second lesson book.  Exceptions to this rule will be made at the discretion of the director.

High School Pep Band:
All senior high band members are expected to participate in pep band on a regular basis.  Each game is worth 20 points toward your letter in band.  If you attend a game and do not play, you will be assigned a period of make-up work in the music room.  This schedule is subject to change.

All games start at 7:00.  Report time for the games will be 6:30.
BB and FB will only be Pre game and Half time.  Except Homecoming where will only do Pre-game
VB is pre-game only.

Date                        Event                                                      Attendance

Sept. 12                 Volleyball@ Truman                            ____________

Sept. 13th              Football@ Truman                               ____________

Sept. 24th              Volleyball@Northrop                          ____________

Sept. 27th              Football@ Granada                             ____________

Oct. 3rd                   Volleyball@ Northrop                         ____________

Oct. 16th                 Football@ Granada                             ____________

Nov. 26th               GBB@ Truman                                      ____________

Dec. 17th                BBB @ Granada                                    ___________

Dec. 19th                BBB@ Granada                                     ___________

Jan. 7th                   GBB @ Truman                                     ___________

Jan. 9th                   BBB @ Granada                                    __________

Jan. 10th                 GBB @ Truman                                     __________

Jan. 16th                  GBB @ Granada                                    __________

Jan. 17th                  BBB @ Granada                                    __________

Jan. 21st                  GBB @ Granada                                    __________

Jan. 23rd                  BBB @ Northrop                                    ___________

Jan. 27th                   GBB @ Granada                                  ___________

Jan. 28th                   BBB @ Northrop                                  ___________

Feb. 7th                     BBB @ Northrop                                  ___________

Feb. 10th or 13th       BBB @ Northrop                                  ___________

Feb. 11th                    GBB @ Granada                                 ___________

Feb. 17th                   GBB @ Granada                                  __________

Feb. 20th                   BBB @ Northrop                                  __________