Concert Information

Concert Information

Please place all performance dates on your calendar and review the attendance policy on the first page.  Please inform the director immediately if you will be absent. “No ride” is not an excuse! Please do not schedule vacations over concert dates.

Pep Band, Honor Choir and Band, and Solo Ensemble are extra activities.  A student will not be allowed to participate in these activities if they are ineligible according to MSHSL guidelines.

Concert dates are subject to change.  Please check the newsletter for updates.

Sept. 27                                                  1:45                                       Pep Fest

Oct….                                                                                                   Fruit sale begins

Oct…                                                                                                    Fruit sale ends

Oct. 28                                                     7:00                                      Fall concert

Nov. 11th                                                  1:45                                      Veterans Day Concert

Dec. 9th                                                   7:00                                       MS/HS Christmas Concert

Dec. 16th                                                 7:00                                       Elementary Concert

Dec…..                                                                                                  Fruit Delivery

Mar. 9th                                                  All Day                                    Solo & Ensemble Contest at MSU

Mar. 10th                                                All Day                                    Large Group Vocal Contest in Farimont

Mar. 17th                                          All Day                                  Large Group Instrumental Contest in Truman

May 11th                                                  7:00                                        MS/HS Pops Concert

May 19th                                                 1:45                                        Elementary Concert

May 29th                                                   7:00                                        Graduation

Concert Information:

  1. Please arrive at the time designated by the director:  Warm-up and tune quietly.
  2. Follow directions of director or student assistants
  3. Good concert etiquette is expected when not performing.
  4. Choirs will wear robes.  All members should wear black pants and black shoes and socks under robes.
  5. Band-Junior Band/ Black slacks or skirt. Modest white top for girls, black pants, white shirt & tie and black socks and shoes for guys.  Senior Band/ All Black, ties for guys.  Please note: all black means all black including shoes and socks