Junior High Music
Junior High Band and Choir will be held on alternating days with Fridays being the alternate day.  Junior high choir will be doing project based learning in January and February with more information to come.

Classroom Expectations:
1. Be in the music room on time and ready to rehearse.
2. have your music and pencil at each rehearsal
3. Remain quiet, attentive, and on task during group and sectional rehearsals.
4. Be polite and respectful at all times.  There is zero tolerance for bullying.
5. No gume during rehearsals.
6. Leave percussion instruments and all equipment alone.
7. Pop/water on the piano will result in detention do to the potential harm to the instrument.

Middle School Choir
Daily Rehearsal points: 10 per day
Concert Attendence: 50 per performance
Singing Assignments: 2 required per quater/max 30 pts. each
Worksheets and projects: 5 pts. each---as assigned

Grading Scale for Choir: 
9-10 pts.: Attentive/on task/participating
7-8 pts.: Attentive/on task/participating most of the time
5-6 points: attentive/on task/participating some of the time
4 or less: Not attentive/on task/participating and or/ disruptive behavior

Grading Middle School Band
Daily rehearsal points: 5 possible per day
Lessons: 6 required per quarter/max 10 pts each
Playing assignments: 2 required per quarter/max 30 pts. each
Scales: 2 per quarter; 5 points each
Concert Attendence 50 pts. per performance

Grading Scale for Band
5 pts.: Attentive/on task/participating
4 pts.: Attentive/on task/ participating most of the time
3 pts.: Attentive/ on task/ participating some of the time
2 or less: Not attentive/ on task/ participating and or disruptive behavior

Make-Up Work
Two absences are excused per quarter.  Make-up work will be assigned if you have additional absences. All absences, including those school related, are counted.