The ACCUPLACER is a computerized assessment test that measures your level of skill accomplishment in "reading" and "mathematics". It is used (and required) by many colleges to determine readiness for placement into college level classes. Students do not necessarily pass or fail this exam, but receive a score that colleges use to determine the classes that students are ready for. Sometimes this means placement in remedial or "catch up" classes, to help students gain the skills they need before enrolling in Freshman level college classes. This can mean more time and tuition money to complete all the required classes in the program of study at the college.

The ACCUPLACER exam is an untimed, multiple choice test. The results are available immediately upon completion of the test. Unlike traditional tests, the computerized test adapts or "tailors" the exam to each examinee. With each response given, the next question will become either more difficult or easier depending on your response to the previous question. The test may not seem difficult at the time, but students often find that being ready for placement in college level classes is NOT that easy.

It is important to prepare for the ACCUPLACER and try your best. Some sites where you can practice or prepare for the exam are listed below: