jag  Tag  Day Info

We are excited to be revamping our Jag Tag days slightly during the 2021-22 school year! Jag Tag is a program that enables our students who are exemplifying the qualities of being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready on a daily basis to be positively rewarded at various points throughout the year. In the past students who have qualified for a Jag Tag Pass have had the option of arriving two hours late to school, or participating in fun activities during a two-hour block on Jag Tag days. This year, we are expanding this program to incorporate full asynchronous learning days for students earning a Jag Tag. There are eight designated “Jag Tag” days throughout the school year, with the first coming up next week on Wednesday, September 29th. 

Students who earn a Jag Tag Pass will not be required to come into the school building but will be able to participate in asynchronous learning from home, on their own schedule during the school day. At a minimum, students will check in with each of their classes for attendance purposes, and there will also be the opportunity for brief topics that allow students to learn above the scope of material typically covered in class. 

Students who do not earn a Jag Tag Pass will be required to come to school in person on Jag Tag days. These students will have the benefit of more individualized attention from their teachers as they focus on catching up and relearning. Please note that attendance on a Jag Tag day counts toward official attendance in the same manner as any other school day. 

To qualify for a Jag Tag Pass, a student must:

  • Maintain a passing status in all of their classes

  • Have no behavior referrals for the semester

  • Have less than three tardies for the semester

  • Have no issues failing to sign-up for LEAP or being present at their designated LEAP locations

Jag Tag Days for the 2021-22 School Year Are: Wednesday - September 29, Wednesday - October 27, Wednesday - December 22, Wednesday - January 1, Wednesday - February 16, Wednesday -  March 16, Thursday - April 14, and Wednesday - May 18

We hope to see as many of our students earn Jag Tags as possible during the school year! Please contact the school if you have any questions about this program.