Committees and List of Expenses

Elementary Committees

Veteran's Day Program (November)-

        -decorate\work with teachers\find volunteers\serve refreshments

Christmas Program (Program date, then decorate the Ele. Basketball practice on Saturday before)

        --decorate\work with teachers\find volunteers\Santa suit\find person to be Santa\ kids Starburst treats

Book Fair

        -set up company to run Bookfair

Cookie dough fundraiser
    -organize event/find volunteers

Track & Field Day

        -organize concession/get food/bar list/popcorn?

Special Art Programs

        -line up teacher/dates with elementary staff

Prairie Fire Theater Play- next one in 2017

        -work with teachers to get dates & company to come

High School Committees

Respect Retreat- next one in 2017

Teacher welcome day

Jr. High snack tub

        -get snacks for Jr. High FB, VB & BB games

Homecoming coronation (October)  

        -line up bar list (7th grade)/workers/decorate, get judges/forms for skit performances


        -parents night

        -senior night

        -meals for visiting teams

        -meals for away games

        -FB Finale

Football Concessions

        -clean stand

        -get pop & candy

        -order/pick-up pork chops

      -get grill/line up workers

        -order & pick up hotdogs

        -move Popcorn Machine every year

Basketball concessions

        -organize work schedule with Mr. Bentele

        -make schedule to put in Mustang Monthly

        -prepare meat

        -set-up: Boys-

        -set-up: Girls-

        -start meat

        -order pop/get candy



      -order Pizza

        -order/pick-up buns

        -order hotdogs/pick up hotdogs

        -workers- 1 adult popcorn, 2 adult concessions, 1 cashier, 2 students(1 per game)...arrive by 5:30

 Basketball ½ court shot prizes-

 Basketball ½ time raffle-

        -run raffle at 4 home games/get people to help sell tickets

Basketball program inserts-


        -parents night
        -seniors night        Track/Golf/Trap

        -theater/knowledge bowl/Honor Bane & Choir/Dorian

Locker treats(2-3 times a year)- boys-FB/BBB&BB  

Awards banquet

Senior Awards

        -decorate/get cake/clean up

Scholarship Organizer

        -get forms to school/pick up on deadline date/cover names/organize selection committee

Martin County Fair

        -organize worker list & designate daily coverage

Collection Fundraisers

        -box tops/milk caps/soup label/etc.

Athletic Apparel

        -work with vendors for design/coordinate orders & distribute items

Locker signs for Extracurricular

        -get names/make signs/put on lockers-VB/FB/BB/SB/BB/T/Golf/Track/GVB & Soccer/GBB/Golf/Softball/Cross Country/Trap           Shoot/Gymnastics

Program Ad Sales

         -call local businesses to get ads on program/get someone to design them

Spirit Ideas

Posters for School-   
- Respect

       -contact with FACS teacher/students to make posters for all sports

Auditing Committee-

        -will double check final books at end of the year            




AED Supplies

Baseball Uniforms (Jags)

Anne Frank Play

Basketball practice jerseys (G & B Mustangs & Jags)

Art Classes - Elementary

Basketball racks

Awards for Sports Banquets

Basketball team banners (G & B Mustangs & Jags)

Basketball & Football Concessions

Basketball travel bags & game kits (G)

Basketball ½ Court Shot & Raffle

Basketball warm up pants (G)

Basketball – Summer Officials

Books (Elementary Non-Fiction)

Books (fair/rif)

Computers (8) & Chromebooks (4)

Christmas Program & Santa candy

Concession stand aprons

Coin Collection Winners Prize

Concession stand remodel

Concussion testing

Copy Machine

Cookie Dough Winners Prize

Dance DJ & snacks

Festival of Nations

Educational Trips (see below)

First Aid Supplies

FB Blocking Shoot

Gate cost for Sue Petrowiak for VB games

FB scoreboard change

Homecoming Skits/Lip Sync

FB Sprinkler (Jags)

Iowa Network

FB Standup Dummy


FB Headset


FB Uniforms & socks (Jags)

Pi Day

GHEC/Truman BB Mixer

Popcorn for Movie day/Track & Field day

GHEC/Truman FB Mixer

Post prom

Golf Shirts & Training Aid/Base

Poster Supplies

Homecoming Sashes

Prairie Fire Theater

Jr. High FB jerseys

Respect Retreat

Kindergarten bookshelf

Ribbons for Track & Field Day

Laminating paper


Miscellaneous repairs

School Supplies

Paper for CIA use @ School

Senior Night

Tables (6) & extension cords

Snacks @ Jr. High Games

Teacher Supplies (see below)

Sports Banners for gym

Track – resurfacing for jumps

Sports Banquet Expenses

Video camera to film games

Teacher’s Appreciation Day

Water fountain/filling stations (both schools)

Treats for lockers


Veteran’s Day Program


Website upgrade, costs & antiviris


Weekly Readers/Scholastic News



Mr. U – Accelerated Reader Rec Ctr. Trip, Ms. Millman – ACT food,

Ms. Weets – Play supplies, Ms. McCoy – Nonfiction books

Youth conference

Ms. Alm – music curriculum, Ms. Flohrs – cart & bookcase, Ms. Bakken – Music Magazine & Carmen Opera, Ms. Murphy – computer program


Ms. Nawrocki – maps, Ms. Weets – pencil sharpener, Ms. Fletcher- Stem trip, Ms. Krieger – Chanhassen Play, Ms. Danner – Carnival funds